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Keep Your Car in Excellent Condition with Auto Maintenance in Hammond, LA

Whether you own a classic car or a newer model, the experts at Jimmy’s Engine and Auto Repair will keep it tuned and in excellent working condition. You can rest easy knowing our mechanics and service technicians will provide quality repair and auto maintenance in Hammond, LA. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our straight talk and competitive prices. We work with all insurance companies, so contact us for any of the following services:

Automotive Diagnostics & Inspections

Our mechanics are experienced detectives when it comes to determining what is wrong with a vehicle. Combining superior diagnostic tools with mechanical intuition, we can pinpoint almost anything that might be amiss and fix it.

Engine Repairs & Scheduled Maintenance

As a full-service auto repair shop, we’re able to handle any repair or maintenance job. From replacing timing belts and changing out radiators to providing scheduled tune-ups and major engine exchanges, our technicians work quickly and efficiently.


From inspections and installations to repairs, our service technicians handle everything your brakes need to keep you and your car safe on the road. From the rotors and brake pedal to the locking sensors, our technicians check every part of the system to ensure you’re able to stop when needed.

Wheel Alignments

Since your tires are the only things that touch the road, it’s important to ensure they work properly. We perform wheel alignments with the latest computer technology to give you a smooth ride.

Other Services

Our service technicians perform a variety of services, such as air conditioning repairs, shock and strut service, and transmission exchanges. We also do engine machine work, including cylinder block boring, resurfacing, and cylinder head rebuilding.

Mechanic Working at the Repair Center A Mechanic Two Mechanics at the Repair Center