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When you are in need of a wheel alignment in Hammond, LA, we have got you covered at our auto care center. Jimmy’s Engine Repair is ready to provide you with all of the automotive services you need to keep your vehicle running at its very best. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Why Wheel Alignments Matter

A wheel alignment may not seem as important as an oil change for routine maintenance, but it is an essential part of keeping your car running. From saving you money to helping you enjoy a smoother ride, here are just some of the different reasons you should never skip out on getting your wheel alignment:

Increase Fuel Efficiency – Properly aligned wheels help spread the power and torque evenly as you drive. That means less wasted energy—and less wasted gas.

Reduce Expensive Car Repairs – When your alignment is off, you are causing uneven wear and tear on your parts. That means your steering and suspension systems—as well as tires—can wear down much faster, causing you to spend more money to fix or replace them.

Improved Steering & Smoother Rides – It becomes much harder to steer when your wheels are misaligned. This increases your chances of being involved in an accident due to drift while also causing you to constantly overcompensate your steering.

Save Your Tires – Increasingly, cars are requiring expensive performance tires to provide the driving experience they were designed for. If your alignment is off, you will notice that these tires will begin to wear down prematurely. The more out of alignment your vehicle is, the faster your tires will wear down. That means severe alignment problems could have you buying new and expensive tires every few months.