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Steering and Suspension Services

Your steering and suspension systems have a huge impact on your driving experience—and your safety on the road. Get the best performance from your vehicle by trusting it to the master repair technicians at Jimmy’s Engine and Auto Repair. We’re pleased to provide crucial steering and suspension services in Hammond, LA, for all makes and models.

The Steering Solutions You Need

When your steering isn’t working as intended, it puts you at risk while doing everything from navigating parking spots to switching lanes on the highway. Ensure you can steer accurately and respond quickly to obstacles by bringing your car or truck to us whenever you notice problems. Some signs that you may need steering repair include:

  • Difficulty with Turning the Steering Wheel
  • Steering Wheel Vibration
  • Vehicle Pulling to One Side
  • Strange Noises While Turning the Steering Wheel
  • Fluid Leaks Under the Steering System
  • Stiff or Loose Steering Wheel

Some of these issues might also indicate a suspension problem. Whatever the case is, you can rely on us for steering and suspension repairs and replacement.

Suspension Services for a Smoother, Safer Ride

Has the road seemed bumpier lately? It may be a problem with your suspension system. The suspension system’s job is to maximize friction between the tires and the road, giving you better steering stability and handling while driving. Likewise, it absorbs the shocks from sudden bumps to smooth out your ride. When you suspect something is wrong with your vehicle’s suspension, bring it to us for a diagnosis and estimate.


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